DPF Diagnostics & Cleaning

Dapstar offers you a full Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) diagnostics and cleaning service in Rendlesham, near Woodbridge.

The job of the DPF is to limit the emissions that come out of your car or van in order to meet modern emissions standards – if you don’t, your vehicle will fail its MOT. DPFs tend to get blocked up with soot when the vehicle is used mainly for short, slow urban journeys – this never gives the filter the chance to properly clear itself. Once the DPF is blocked you may notice black smoke coming out of your exhaust, or a light may come on in your dash to alert you.

DPF Diagnostic Assessments at Dapstar

Dapstar can solve this problem for you – we don’t just rely on a simple plug-in code-read, we carry out an extensive series of tests and measurements to find the root cause of your DPF trouble and then, by using the latest, powerful DPF cleaning technology, we can remove all the soot and ash from the filter, and restore it to almost as good as new. We have successfully cleaned hundreds of DPF filters, avoiding the need for expensive replacements.


DPF Doctor

As DPF diagnostic experts, we are proud to be affiliated with the DPF Doctor, the industry-leading network of DPF specialists across the country. We have trained extensively and have vast experience in this area, guaranteeing our customers no less than 100% satisfaction.

Affiliated with the DPF Doctor network of DPF cleaning specialists and authorised Avon Tuning agents, Dapstar is pleased to offer highly specialist DPF and tuning work alongside all the standard garage services.

To find out more about DPF Diagnostics & Cleaning in Rendlesham, near Woodbridge, contact us online or call us directly on 01394 420322

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