Injector Removal

When fuel injectors seize, it can lead to various issues affecting the performance and efficiency of your vehicle, so if you recognise any of the issues listed below, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at Dapstar – we provide an injector removal service in Rendlesham, near Woodbridge.

  • Poor fuel delivery: the injectors may fail to deliver the proper amount of fuel into the engine cylinders which can cause it to run lean, misfire, or stall.
  • Engine misfires: this can result in rough idling, loss of power, and increased exhaust emissions.
  • Reduced fuel efficiency: seized fuel injectors can cause the engine to run inefficiently, resulting in increased fuel consumption and higher fuel costs.
  • Engine knocking: if the fuel injector is completely seized or partially blocked, it can lead to a knocking or pinging sound from the engine.
  • Emission issues: seized fuel injectors can cause your vehicle to fail emissions tests.
  • Loss of power: you may experience a noticeable loss of power and responsiveness with the engine struggling to accelerate or maintain speed, especially when driving uphill or when carrying a heavy load.
  • Engine damage: prolonged operation with seized fuel injectors can potentially cause damage to a number of engine components, leading to costly repairs and reduced engine longevity.

It is important to address any issues with fuel injectors promptly by bringing your vehicle into Dapstar where we can remove the injectors, carry out necessary repairs or replacements, and restore optimal engine function.

Affiliated with the DPF Doctor network of DPF cleaning specialists and authorised Avon Tuning agents, Dapstar is pleased to offer highly specialist DPF and tuning work alongside all the standard garage services.

To find out more about Injector Removal in Rendlesham, near Woodbridge, contact us online or call us directly on 01394 420322

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